Responsibilities of Personal Fitness Trainers

A personal fitness trainer has many responsibilities when working with individuals. Some of these responsibilities include the following:

  1. Assess the needs and capabilities of individuals through fitness assessment procedures.
  2. Advise individuals on the correct method and use of exercise machines and devices including weights.
  3. Develop individual exercise programs for individuals based on age and fitness levels.
  4. Provide instruction in a variety of fitness activities including non-gym related activities.
  5. Motivate clients to work to his/her maximum and safe potential for the entire workout.
  6. Assure all exercises are done with proper form and technique maximizing results.
  7. Help clients develop realistic, attainable goals and continually modifying training objectives.


Personal Trainer guiding individual through an exercise

 This personal trainer is advising this individual on the correct method while using this exercise device.







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